The Shore View Cooperative

Who to Call?

1) In a medical emergency

Call 911

2) In the Event of a Fire

Call 911

3) In the Event of a Break-in

Call 911 and  Managing Agent

4) In the event of a plumbing emergency

Building Super: Carlos Alegria. 
       Phone: (718) 836-9669

Managing Agent: Jordan Kurz

       Phone: 718-788-7900

5) For a Laundry Card

 Leave a note on Carlos' door 

         go to:
   or call: 



         They will issue as soon as possible 

Good to Know

1) Laundry Room Hours


7 am - 10pm (last wash 9pm)


7 am - 11 pm (last wash 10 pm)

2) Foodtown

Foodtown on 3rd Avenue will deliver 

3) Roof doors

Roof doors will be locked at 10 pm each night 

    After 11pm an alarm will sound. 

Contact Us

Send a Message to our Managing Agent

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The Shore View Cooperative

9411 Shore Road, Brooklyn, New York, New York 11209, United States

Jordan Kurs Managing Agent 718-788-7900 X-230

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