The Shore View Cooperative

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What do I do if I want to sell my apartment?

        a.       Download and complete the sales application and
           contact ShoreView Cooperative

2.  What do I do if I want to renovate my apartment?

       a.     If you are doing a Kitchen Renovation ONLY; Download
               and complete Major Renovation file  and contact Shore
               View Cooperative.
      b.      If you are doing a One-Bathroom Renovation ONLY;
               Download and complete Major Renovation file and
               contact ShoreView Cooperative
      c.      If you are doing more than one Bathroom, or one
               bathroom and a kitchen renovation; Download and
               complete Major Renovation file and contact ShoreView
      d.      If you are doing a Cosmetic Alteration (i.e., painting, small
                jobs, refinishing floors etc.) that does not involve
                plumbing, electricity; download and complete Painting
                and Cosmetic work file and contact ShoreView

3.  Who will inspect my apartment during my renovation?

       a.       The super and managing agent. 

4.  What happens if I perform renovations without permission  or add to my plan without alerting the building?

       a.      Fine, a Stop Work Order to your contractor, and removal
                 from building

5.  What do I do if I want to sublet my apartment?

      a.       Download and complete the Sublet application and
                Contact ShoreView Cooperative.
      b.      See House Rules in our document library.​

6. Am I required to have homeowners insurance?

      a.      As per house rule #35 yes.
      b.      Liability insurance $1,000,000    
      c.      See House Rules in in our document library

7.  How many apartments are in the building and what is the square footage?

     a.      98 apartments total square footage 100,350

8.  Where can I find a list of the recent apartment sales in the building and the sales price?

      a.      ShoreView Cooperative has the sales history list. 
       b.       Contacts on the Homepage.

9. What do I do if I smell gas?

        a.       If you smell gas call the super, ShoreView Cooperative
        b.       See contact details on Who to call? page.

10. Who do I call if I have a plumbing emergency?

        a.       For a plumbing problem call the super, ShoreView
        b.       See contact details on Who to call? page.

11. What if I have a problem with my laundry room card?  How do I obtain a replacement?

        a.      If you have a problem with the laundry you may call the
                 company directly.
        b.      See Who to call? page

12.  How do I request a parking spot?

        a.      You must download application and  send it  to
                  ShoreView Cooperative to get on the parking waiting

13.  How do I request a storage locker?

       a.    You must download application and  send it  to   
               ShoreView Cooperative to get on the parking waiting

14. Can I put my apt in a trust

        a.      Read the policy and download the application

15. How do I dispose of electronics such as Computers, TVs and Air Conditioning Units?

        a. Contact Super to schedule a pick-up

16. How do I dispose of large boxes?

         a. Cut the cardboard down to smaller pieces and place in              storage room on your floor. For moving boxes, They should be              broken down and placed down the steps on the 94th street              side of the building. 


Remember you must complete a Major renovation file and provide the Property Management Company with a complete description from your licensed and insured contractor about the work you are planning.  
General sprucing up work like painting, wallpapering or re-grouting your tubs does not require you to go through this process.  But any work to kitchens, bathrooms, including the installation of cabinets and appliances such as toilets, tubs and sinks, or any plumbing, electrical and lighting systems or floor sanding or replacement does require you to contact Jordan to get the proper paperwork on file. 

Approval must be received before the work can proceed.