The ShoreView Cooperative

Choose the documents that you need:


1) Shore View Documents

       I)   House Rules 

       II)  Black Book 

                   a) Offering plan

                   b)Proprietary Lease 

                   c) By-Laws 


These Files can be obtained by requesting

   Click Here to Request Document


2) Sales, Sublets and Refinance

         a) Resale Application
         b) Sublet Application
              b.1) Additional Provision
​                          for subletting
         c) Refinance Application

3) Trusts

         a) Trust and Transfer request,
               Application and Procedure.
        b) Transfer to Children ​​
         c) Trust Transfers and Flip Tax

4) Renovations

        a) Painting and Cosmetic Work
        b) Major Renovations, including kitchen
              and bath replacement

5) Sign up for

        a) Parking Spot
       b) Storage Bin
       c) Bike Rack
       d) Automatic Maintenance Payments
             using TKR website